Uzumlu, which has an emerald color, is covered with green trees as its name suggests. Üzümlü, where you can see every shade of green, is among the most important districts in Fethiye. It is preferred for summer houses as it is fresher than Fethiye and near to the city center.

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Private Pool

Our grape country villas with private pools and gardens are located in Üzümlü, about 16 km from Fethiye. On the ground floor, there is an open kitchen, living and dining area.

Modern Architecture

In the project where you will feel all the modern architectural approaches, a timeless design has been put forward by analyzing all the needs of the householders.


In our project, where each room has its bathroom, all the requirements of the winter and summer house have been provided. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent view on your large terraces and balconies.

Uzumlu, the greenest spot of Fethiye...

Grape Country invites you to a unique life in the middle of this green nature.

Grape Country, which is located close to all the bays, is a special project that fits Üzümlü in every way.

  • 17 exclusive villas

    If you are looking for a detached life in nature where you can see all shades of green together, Grape Country is just for you...

  • For those who are not satisfied with thinking

    Grape Country is an interpretation of Pala construction to Fethiye Üzümlü. Our project, which consists of 11 unique and 6 twin villas, was designed with a new generation architectural approach. The most beautiful union of luxury and comfort is reflected in every square meter of your house with a private pool. Grape Country is the most privileged project of Üzümlü with private pools, large rooms, and magnificent views.

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